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March 2020 - August 2020

NYC Pride hired me as a seasonal event coordinator to help bring their PrideFest event to life. The second largest of over 15 events the organization produces each June, PrideFest is New York City’s largest 1-day street festival, spanning 8 city blocks and touting 150+ exhibitors and 400,000 annual attendees.


My original assignment was event coordination and exhibitor management. As a result of COVID-19, I worked with NYC Pride to pivot all programming to virtual experiences, finding innovative ways to engage their community. 



As part of the NYC Pride Broadcast Special which aired on WABC-7, I produced the in-person, socially distanced, Watch Party for the organization’s members. The Watch Party was included in live segments throughout the show and involved both sponsor and organization member coordination.


In lieu of an in person street fair experience, I developed the business plan for a virtual marketplace experience. Working with an aggressive timeline, I created the marketing & sales strategy, and oversaw website development including platform branding. The marketplace is set to launch to the public in early Fall.

NYC Pride Artist Spotlight: Madame Gandhi

NYC Pride Artist Spotlight: Madame Gandhi

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I launched the brand’s Artist Spotlight series, managing the programming calendar, artist communications and overseeing asset creation and weekly programming executing. The newly minted initiative introduces a diverse range of up and coming artists to the community through easily accessible platforms.

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